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  • Aid Urinary Function
  • Support Prostate Health
  • Improve Sexual Function
why is prostatrinex so effective?

Prostatrinex provides natural ingredients that can help alleviate discomfort during urination, support healthy urine flow, maintain prostate health, and support sexual function. The prostate regulates the production and release of semen, and the flow of urine. As men age prostate health will naturally decline, resulting in some uncomfortable side effects. Prostatrinex is intended to support cell function, reduction of estrogen, maintenance of male hormone, and all with ingredients like amino acids, herbs, minerals, vitamins, and much more.


aids urinary function


supports prostate health


improves sexual function


sleep through the night

Results are intended to come quickly and with ease, without the use of any harsh or ineffective artificial additives. This is meant to work with the body to help support its natural processes, all of which is supported by healthy ingredients that are well-researched.

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What is inside of Prostatrinex?

Saw palmetto Berries

Research shows that saw palmetto can alter hormone levels, which can gradually reduce the inflammation in the prostate. In today’s society, saw palmetto is extremely popular for men who experience weak urine flows or frequent urination.

Pygeum Africanum

Pygeum Africanum cherry tree bark contains a substance that has demonstrated useful properties in alleviating pain, inflammation, and urinary symptoms associated with prostatitis and urinary symptoms. Studies show a use of pygeum as a preventative supplement may maintain the prostate’s health.

pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds have been recommended by natural and alternative health practitioners to support prostate health and BPH (benign prostate hyperplasia). A 2009 Korean study reported that the pumpkin seeds produced a significant improvement in urinary flow.

goldenseal root

Goldenseal is one of the popular herbal remedies for helping to cure numerous health ailments including prostatitis. It contains antiseptic and diuretic properties helping to relieve urinary problems associated with prostatitis. Goldenseal removes bacteria from the prostate due to it’s antiseptic properties.

buchu leaf

Buchu also known as Bucco is an excellent herb native to Africa and useful in treating urinary tract infections and prostatitis. It contains antiseptic, diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties that help to control prostate and urinary disorders.

stinging nettle leaf

Stinging Nettle soothes the urinary tract and also helps men with prostate problems. In addition to its anti-inflammatory properties, stinging nettle is a diuretic, and both of these characteristics make it a good candidate for prostate issues.

Saw Palmetto Berries (45% extract) One 12-week study in 92 men showed that taking two capsules daily of Prostatrinex, a mix of herbal supplements that include saw palmetto, helped improve urinary tract symptoms associated
Reishi Mushroom 4:1 Extract Many people consume this fungus due to its potential cancer-fighting properties. One study of over 4,000 breast prostate cancer survivors found that around 59% consumed reishi mushroom.
Cat’s Claw Bark (0.5% extract) A small study in 27 men found that consuming 700 mg of cat’s claw extract for 2 months increased their number of white blood cells, which are involved in combating infections.

As a gift to our customers we put together MEN'S Prostate Health book with a general knowledge about prostate health. Book includes a list of prostate support tips along with the nutrition list for the best results.

Real people, real reviews

“After using Prostatrinex I felt much better rested.”

I used to have to get up out of bed several times each night, interrupting my sleep and making it difficult to stay rested. After using Prostatrinex I felt much better rested, and I wasn’t getting up out of bed anymore. I’ve used other brands with similar ingredients but they must do something different because this actually worked the best for my needs. As someone in their 50’s I thought I was going to have to deal with prostate issues for the rest of my life. This product worked so much better than other brands that were either weak or just not as long lasting.

James, New York

* Results are individual and may vary. We cannot guarantee the same experience for every consumer.

“It provides noticeable improvements.”

I’m in my late 50’s and I’ve gotten used to waking up in the middle of the night to urinate several times a night. This is my 2nd bottle of Prostatrinex and I continue to use it because it provides noticeable improvements. I think anyone with prostate issues will be able to benefit from this because I’m no longer getting out of bed in the middle of the night as I used to before I found Prostatrinex. I don’t think there’s a better value out there. I did a lot of research to try and find the right brand and this one was far better than the competition.

Rafael, North Hollywood

* Results are individual and may vary. We cannot guarantee the same experience for every consumer.

“My flow is back to normal levels.”

I’ve never been impressed by a natural supplement before so I didn’t come into this with high expectations. Well after taking it just once I was able to have restful sleep like never before. Prostatrinex worked better than anything I’ve ever used before. My flow is back to normal levels and for the cheap price I don’t see why someone wouldn’t try it. When my father was around my age he didn’t have any support from anything like this. It’s a day and night difference with how I used to go to the bathroom to how easy it is to go now. If you haven’t found relief before I see no reason why you shouldn’t try this brand.

Boris, Tampa

* Results are individual and may vary. We cannot guarantee the same experience for every consumer.

Comprehensive Prostate Support
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Effectiveness levels while taking Prostatrinex
Frequently Asked Questions

What is Prostatrinex?Inside Prostatrinex is a blend of natural ingredients which can work with the body to help support both sexual health and prostate health. Naturally as men age there is a greater risk for prostate issues as well as a decline in sexual function. The specially selected ingredients within Prostatrinex are added to provide natural support to prevent this decline. This can then increase sexual interest, protect the prostate, reduce the risk for urination complications, stabilize energy levels, and help maintain one’s hormones.

Where can I see supplement facts and ingredients?Just follow this link for supplement facts and ingredients.

Is Prostatrinex free of side effects?Prostatrinex contains only natural ingredients such as amino acids, vitamins, minerals and herbs, all of which are well-studied by 3rd party trials. We also make sure to produce our formula within a FDA approved or GMP certified facility. This helps to ensure that the facilities used are clean and maintained in an orderly manner. No supplement can be truly 100% side effect free due to the possibility for rare allergies, but the formula provided is carefully selected and customer reviews have also been greatly positive.

What can this do for my sexual health? Prostatrinex combines ingredients which have the potential for stabilizing hormones and preventing fatigue, loss of sexual performance, and a decline in stamina. Over time one can become less apt to want to engage in sexual activity. The well-rounded formula provided is meant to help reduce the decline which can occur as men age.

How will I know if Prostatrinex is right for my needs? Not only do we carefully select each ingredient and its dosage strength, but we back up our supplemented by providing a 30 day money back return policy. We also offer testimonials from consumers like you who said they were able to experience a notable difference. The formula provided is specially selected to provide a well-rounded and easy to take a supplement.

What are some symptoms of an enlarged prostate? The kinds of effects experienced can vary depending on the degree of the enlarged prostate but it tends to cause frequent urination, a feeling that your bladder is not empty, nighttime urination, pain during urination, and uncontrolled urination. This is why we have decided to make Prostatrinex; it provides natural ingredients that are intended to help support the prostate and bladder to reduce urination difficulties.

What’s the proper way to take Prostatrinex? We advise 2 capsules a day at any time of the day with water to help aid digestion.

Will Prostatrinex cause addiction? We make Prostatrinex with only natural ingredients, all of which are well-studied by various 3rd party studies. There are no stimulants which can lead to withdrawal effects nor do we add any unapproved supplement ingredients.

Is Prostatrinex available in stores? In order to reach more customers and better manage distribution logistics and customer service, we decided to make Prostatrinex available exclusively online. This allows us to keep in personal contact with our client base and to meet all of their needs directly.

What information will appear on my credit card statement?You will only see the amounts that you were charged, listed under the name “Health Research Institute“.

Will you charge my credit card automatically? No, we don’t use auto-enrollment plans. You will never be charged without your authorization!

Easy-to-take capsulesOur capsules are easier to swallow then their tablet counterparts, and the contents are completely absorbed by your body.

Is there an autoship?We are not a subscription company, we do not auto-ship any orders and we do not keep any credit cards on file. Every order is by your own discretion and can either be placed through the website or over the phone.

Does it have GMO/is it cruelty free?Our product is GMO free and was never tested on animals.

COVID-19 updateWe are taking and shipping our orders as usual.

Prostatrinex can deliver all these results, and all you have to do is be CONSISTENT. The science is CLEAR. With consistency comes results. You'd be surprised at how amazing your results will be after 60 days!
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Benefits of Prostatrinex
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We are very confident in our product because it was developed by a group of nutrition specialists. Years of hard work gave us a perfectly balanced product that we are proud to sell. If you are not satisfied with your results, we will give you 100% money back!

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  • Aid Urinary Function*
  • Improve Sexual Function*
  • Reduce Bathroom Trips*
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